Raspberry Apple Dessert

This recipe started from an Apple Berry crumble recipe at Allrecipes.com

I figured I could do this recipe but make it healthier.  So the most room for improvement is the topping.

You can get away with about 3 TBSP of Butter with about a cup of flour.  It doesn’t get nice and crumbly the way you would if you had a LOT of butter, but it crisps up some.

My first recipe was

Filling:  4 apples, 1 6oz raspberries, 1/4 c W sugar

Topping:  1 c flour, 3 Tbsp butter, 1/4 c B sugar, pumpkin pie spice, Oatmeal

Add the sugar into the berries and apples, and leave it.  Apparently the sugar bleeds the liquid from the berries.  You will notice the liquid level will rise the longer it sits out.

For Topping you add the flour then cut the butter in.  If done properly you will have a crumbly mixture.  The problem with my amounts is there isn’t enough butter to go around.  This might also work better if you freeze the butter for a 1/2 before using.  The oatmeal is mostly for texture, and will work better with more butter.  My goal though was to cut out as much of the calories as possible.

Result:  This was tasty, the topping was ok, but overall it wasn’t a crisp/crumble

Next Recipe:  The only changes I made were in the topping.  Instead of using butter and flour, I instead sprinkled matzo meal on top, then sprinkled some brown sugar, then pumpkin pie spice on top.  The filling.. (i over did it) was four boxes of 6 oz raspberries and 4 apples.  SUPER JUICY

Result:  Very tasty, not a crumble/crisp, but it didn’t matter.  The next time I do this recipe, I will add a handful of flour into the filling to serve as a thickener.

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