Microwave Kiln – Second Try

After pulling out a second dried piece  (Again, one that was created a year ago) I did NOT heat it in the toaster oven first.  40 seconds into the eight minutes the greenware exploded.

This could be a fluke – OR it could be because I didn’t heat/extra dry it.  So I am restarting my second try – DO OVER

Second Try:
Subject: Flattish type button
Heated for 1/2 hour in toaster oven at 350
Microwave: 8 min, 6 min – no glow, 5 min – no glow, 4 min – slight glow, 1 min – stopped and opened.

Result:  The top came away from the bottom this time, cleanly and easily.  The button is white and cooked.  It looks good.  The button is NOT brittle.  This was a good time allowance.  SUCCESS

Picture 037

Third Try:                   (In the meantime)
Subject:  A thicker heart, three dimensional, not flat, exactly like the one that exploded without first preheating/predrying
Heated for 1/2 hr at 350
Microwave: 8 min, 46 sec – stopped

Result:  SUCCESS  – For my microwave 7-8 min is the right amount of time, and preheating does make a difference.

Picture 038

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