Egg yolk Dog treats

Every week after I shop for groceries, I separate eggs.  This leaves me with a lot of waste egg yolk.  This week I decided to see if there was something I could do with it.

Seeing as this was ‘winging it’ I won’t have anything but approximates

3 C Yolks were whisked first
Enough pumpkin pie spice so that it made the mix look like melted butter and brown sugar
Rice flour (because of the high gluten value) until it was just a little thicker than cookie dough
Corn flour until, when kneaded, the dough looks like its starting to crack apart

Keep kneading the mixture until it smooths out again.  Roll it out, cut into squares and bake at 350 for about an hour
Leave in oven until the oven is no longer hot.  You want most of the moisture to leave the treats.

I tried one after they were cooled, they look a lot like gingerbread, and are fairly hard.  I will likely sprinkle confection sugar over the top to keep the dog interested in the recipe.


UPDATE:  Dog got a little bored of them after a while, so i ground them back up in the processor, with a new batch, and added pumpkin and catfood, lets see how this goes

UPDATE:  Dog does love em’  I keep them in the freezer which makes them more fun for the dog to eat, and they last a little longer.  The pumpkin makes my dog a little more regular.  She tends to get a little runny because she has a finicky stomach

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