Printmaking – Styrofoam

I have taken some traditional printmaking courses in the past from a place called Lill Street and they were very thorough and good.  So I have some notion of what I am doing.

Here is the thing though… Print making is an ancient art.  As with any ancient art, it means you can use very primitive tools.  To me, art instruction is like a cooking/baking recipe.  There are certain elements that are there for a purpose, (ie yeast/baking soda for rising/fermenting/chemical reaction) and some that is there just for flavor (ie vanilla extract)

Printmaking requires a few things.  Something to print on (paper/wall/flesh), Medium (paint/ink/henna) and a stamp of some sort.

I read an article about using Styrofoam take out boxes to do print making.  I thought this was brilliant and an easy idea.  If you don’t get take out often, you could use foam plates too.

So here was what I did:

Materials Used
Materials Used

I then used some tools to create a design:

I created an initial pattern, and forgot to photograph it. Printed it then added more detail to print it a second time.

You don’t have to use a roller, it just makes things easier.  I dropped a little dob of paint on a flat tile, then rolled it out to coat the roller evenly.  Once this is done, you ink up the foam and press it to the paper.

A note here to make multiple prints easier.  If you tape the foam or paper down it makes life simpler.  As well if you plan on using more than one color.. ie going back over it after pressing more of the design into the foam you may want to make little marks on the paper to show the corners where the foam/paper sat at.

This was what came out.  I used a bronze color, then a navy:


Ta Da

To try:  Using parafin wax instead of foam.  Can reuse and reuse by melting.  Not sure the effect that the dried paint might have on prints in the future

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