Low fat Latkes/Potato Pancakes

These are easy, fast, and pretty healthy.  I use a processor to make them.

1 lb of small potatoes
1 lg red onion
1 lg apple
2 eggs
bread crumbs

Processor: Use a slicing disk (raised disk with the little random holes)

First crack the eggs into the bottom of the processor, then drop the potatoes in, slowly.  [Tip: If you let them bounce around and peel themselves down rather than force them in the potato comes out finer, and the starch binds much better].  Press the quartered onion, then the quartered apple through the blade, and empty to a bowl.  Stir well until everything is combined.  Add enough bread crumbs to stiffen the mixture up.  [Tip:  If you let sit before mixing the gluten bonds will also provide extra firmness, as with any floured recipe].


Spray a fry pan with spritz and cook over med/high heat depending on the thickness.

Top with non fat sour cream and jams.  I prefer to top with bruchetta.



  1. will try this!

    Just to be sure 1 lg apple = 1 Large apple?

    (I’m confused about the lb lg :P)

    We have a “local” recipe 50/50 potato/union and bacon. But never ate something like this with sour cream and jams!

    Reverting! 😉

    • Yes! Sorry about that, lg = Large .. and lb=pound (not sure why)
      Not many people in North America cook by intuition any more so, you leave explicit instructions on recipes.
      Usually when I make a recipe I know I am on the right path by smell, look and texture.
      Hope your holiday was amazing

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