Tumbling Glass

This is the second part of the experiment, continued from HERE

Finished the box.  This box has a couple of layers of cardboard fitted snugly to the sides of the box.  The tumbler is screwed down, but removable at three points.

IMG_0067 IMG_0068

I broke the glass up with a hammer under some cloth (I wore gloves, just in case) then added it to the tumbler which has large chain, and washers in it.

Blue tinted glass, like Coca Cola glass   IMG_0072
As an added measure against noise, I lined the inside of the box with old sheets, then covered the box with more cardboard and pieces of wood to hold it down.  It is still fairly loud, but not unbearable.
Blue tinted glass, like Coca Cola glass

20 min later:  I took a look inside and noticed 2 things.
1.  The glass didn’t seem to be much reduced
2  The amount of glass i will get back from this in the form of dust might not be worth the effort.

Additionally, I think the chain might have been cushioning the glass to a degree, so I removed it to try without.  (Restarted at 11:30)


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