Ceramic containers?

Idea:  Use a sturdy matchbox/folded matchbox or other cardboard folded container and paint it with slip then fire.

Use:  I think it might be super cute to have a functional DIY container made of ceramic but started as cardboard

Plan:  I made slip by reconstituting dried clay, then using a blender to make sure it was fine and poured it into a container.  I will paint this over the matchbox in several layers.  The inner box will have only the inside painted so that its bulk does not impede it being able to move in and out of the box.

[Photo of Box]

Problems/Problem solving:  If the box doesn’t hold up to the slip application (ie warping etc) then perhaps I might mod podge it first, or future flo0r wax before working with the slip again.

Update:  As I am painting the slip on, I am noticing the box is getting loose.  I think the same might also happen with other wet mediums which would seal it.  Perhaps masking tape.  It cant be duct or anything that wouldn’t burn off cleanly in the kiln.

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