Drip-less painted tins

It has taken some getting used to, but I think I have it.

I was working on making a uniform set of tins.  Coffee Cans – Illy coffee type (way too nice to waste), but all my attempts led to paint dripping down the side.

First Attempt:  Paint the cans traditionally with a brush – didn’t work  (I figured the paint would smooth out after a while but it just ran)

Second Attempt:  Using a foam brush.  Result was the same except with less brush streaks

Third Attempt:  Air brush – I cut the paint (regular latex wall paint) half and half with windex for the brush – REALLY RUNNY

Fourth Attempt:  I figured it would work if i thickened the paint.. SUCCESS

NOTE:  In Chicago they have bans on spray canned paint.. or so I was told.


TIP:  To make painting easier (ie turning the tins) turn the open end up over a soft drink or wine bottle.

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