Creepy Crawly Doll

Please... may I .. EAT YOUR SOUL!
Please… may I .. EAT YOUR SOUL!

This is a doll I started years and years ago.  I only recently completed it when I finished updating my art studio area.

The way this doll was created was first, to have taken a mold (two part silicon.. the white and the yellow kind), then with polymer clay make a second doll face.  Once you have a recreation of the dolls face you can do anything you want with it.  The scars are essentially making a cut then pushing the clay back together.  Once you do that you can leech color into that area and wipe it off the other surfaces.  I made the eyes separately and inserted them from the back.  The glossy finish is from Diamond Finish.  Amazing product.

The body is simply a pink fuzzy mitt I found.  I snipped off and repositioned the fingers, sewing them back on.  Inside I used standard copper wire for the bones.  To make sure it stays where it is supposed to, I made little notches in the plastic casing around it and stitched the fingers to it.

In the neck piece (or the area around the head) there is wire all around there which is pinched around the face.

On the back side of the face I had the insight to stick a spring there before curing the polymer clay.  That way the dolls boning is able to attach to the head.  It can swivel back and forth, but the neck boning allows it limited mobility for posing.

The face is done in a basic ‘face up’ sort of way.  Which is to say, I picked a ghastly sort of color for the flesh in the clay I used.  Instead of painting the clay, I used makeup.  Face ups are its own art form these days.  High end BJD (Ball Jointed Dolls) go to salons and get face ups, for quite a lot of money.  Mine is very basic, but, hopefully effective.

Hope you enjoyed.


  1. These photos really showed better when I clicked to enlarge – that way I could see all the closeup detail. REALLY creepy and inspired! I love the spidery leg situation – I have this fabric in cream and white (what I used to make tiny goth bunnies) so you can buy it easily enough at fabric stores. Etsy shoppers do love their soft stuffed/soft sculpture critters. I say keep at it, and check out those shops I mentioned – Mealy Monster, Sandra Ateaga (in Spain) and Horrible Sweet, all who do clay critters that sell either very well, or for high prices (the higher the price often means slower sales). There are also others whose names I forget, but one woman in England does wonderful awesome stuffed creatures with sculpted heads, including little dragons – and she sells a lot! I’ll see if she is under my ‘favorites’ anywhere…

    And again, I want to encourage you to open your own Etsy shop and just see what happens! ANd you just keep experimenting and responding to consumer interests. You’ll see – your first sale will be such an affirmation of your style and you’ll just get addicted!

    • Thanks so much. I think for me it is such a thrill to connect with you artist to artist. I will take a look at those shops. In truth though I have been looking at all sorts of etsy stuff for such a long time to find out what peoples styles are. Etsy inspires me, and now wordpress does. Your dolls for instance were what made me want to go back to working on dolls once more.

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