Egg Critters – Polymer clay + Cute = Critter

More photos below

Penguins are cute!  Eggs are delicious.. oh wait, does that mean we need to eat penguin eggs?  So this little guy came together in a series of egg critters I did.  It was near easter that inspired this.  I will get into the reasons another time.  This critter is made of two things.

1. a blown out egg, 2.  polymer clay

Method:  Roll out a black sheet of polymer clay.  It doesn’t need to be perfect but an even thickness is best.  Either in a pasta roller or by stacking up playing cards (method found here).  Once your sheet is conditioned and ready, you should have a medium thickness square of clay.

Now lay it over the blown out egg and smooth the clay down.  I did not use any sort of adhesive on the egg underneath but you could if you liked.  Cut away the clay where it meets itself.  Cutting a little more is better than less because you can make the seams meet by pushing them towards each other.  Don’t worry about perfecting the clay yet, just get all the excess clay off the egg.  Cover the entire thing in the black clay.  You could roll the egg gently in your hands to distribute the clay evenly, or on the table under your hand.  Or just work the clay together.

Once you are happy with the egg decide on the pattern of white you want shown.  (for example my penguin has almost an eight taken out of it on the front) and remove that clay gently with a craft knife.  Taking less off here is best, because you can always remove more later.  Now smooth those edges.  You will be much happier with a rounded, contoured look.  (As opposed to my original penguin which showed the cut marks)

The skin is the most important part.  After that you get to decide on the details.  Do you want to be minimalist?  Not tail and no wings?  Maybe you would rather make a heart for a loved one, and use red clay.  You could embellish by adding little pink hearts.  Or maybe you DO want a penguin, so you will add a beak, feet, wings and a tail.


Do you think the first penguin is better than the second?  Or Vice Versa?



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