Egg Critter in polymer clay – Porkology


This is the first in the egg series.  I can’t take any pictures of it, because he was made for a pig collector.  The pig in behind was created for the collector, but then I found I couldn’t part with him and quickly came up with this guy.  As you can see, this is a blown out egg, and the only additions it has are ears, nose legs, and a little tail.

The story of the egg series:  Every year a friend gives me teeny little pigs for ‘National Pig Day”.  He and his wife speak about thier extensive pig collection.  After some years I decided to get them something back.  When casually questioning them about the collection though, they assured me they had all pig products easily aquired and collectable.  I decided to make them a OOAK piece.  (The other pig in the picture)  It ended up being part of me (literally, I pulled some of my eyelashes to use for its eyelashes) and couldn’t part with it.  In a dillema I was walking by a store that had easter things on display.  I looked in and saw the little plastic eggs.  It got me to thinking.  The egg series is what came of it.

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