Ceramic Clay – Man in the moon doll head

I was inspired to go back into working on dolls by this person.  There is something unsettling and creepy about dolls, which is what attracts many people to them.  The creepier the better.  If you don’t believe me, go take a look at Etsy.

So this is going to be sort of a combination of the thin man and the man on the moon.  Long body, fingers, face etc.  That is my current thought, but when looking at his face right now it doesn’t seem like an overly long head, so I may revise that Idea.

these photos are of first sculpt.  It isn’t completely dry yet.  (Cold to the touch, and feels like its trying to suck the moisture from my hand)


  1. I think I would see his body as tall and thin, with a straight back. Seventeen legs sounds great, although it’s for me a big step to imagine a moon with any legs at all. If he has legs, and regardless how many, I think his shoes are always perfectly polished, he is a man of elegance, in my eyes. And if he has arms, I think he often keeps his hands behind his back, one hand resting in the other, if you see what I mean. And only two arms, that is 😉

  2. I love the way he looks so grumpy. A friendly character deep inside, but grumpy. He’s old and has seen a lot – is he perhaps getting tired of us people down here? Very fascinating face, I simply love it!

    • Thank you! So if this was a doll (Which it will be) how do you see his body? Tall and thin? Short and squat, hunched over, maybe he has seventeen legs? 😀 Let me know because I haven’t really decided how i want the body yet

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