Lately I have been working with the idea of engraving, or carving.  This is a design I came up with, the idea of a tree.  This is MDF wood, which is super easy to carve into with a rotary tool.

Some things I had to overcome… FEAR of drawing.  I don’t feel like I am an artist.  So the idea of drawing free hand was difficult.  I had a design i wanted to transfer, but I couldn’t figure out a good way to do it.  Now that it is day I can think of ways.  However i was going to carve directly through the paper at first.

This wasn’t a good idea because my method of securing the design made the paper wrinkle up.

The engraving tool I would really like is pretty expensive, but I think that engraving would be something I could do for a long time and never get bored of it.  The tool is a high speed rotary.  It works at about 450,000 rpm and is air powered.  Essentially a dentists tool.

There is ParaPak, Turbo(something) 400xs powercarver and more.  They are pretty expensive, so, If i really want one, I have to save up.


  1. “my two pennies worth” Didn’t know other people shared the fear of drawing. Think your design is great! Im a spoon carver and i’m playing with the idea of drawing on my work if only I could start just like you!

    Hope you realise this design!

    Second: Why would you want a dentist tool in your house 😉

    • LOL! The dentist tool is actually something like a dremel tool. except its almost small enough to be a large pen. The point of it is that a dremel averages about 30,000 rpm, whereas these engraving tools have almost no vibration, very little noise and work at about 450k rpm. In essence they carve as though you had a warm tool and pressing it through cold butter. Check it out here:

      As for the drawing… I feel like my own drawings couldn’t be nearly as nice as someone elses.. The ONLY reason I ended up drawing my design was because i couldn’t find a good way to transfer the design i wanted. I was scared.

      It is really nice to hear that I am not alone. Would love to see some of your work, will check out your blog.. and if you dont have engraved spoons on it, I WILL PESTER YOU! (but only till you do put some up) And what do you mean drawing on your work?

      • That is a nifty little device, understand your willing to play with that! Thanks for the share and info!

        It will be a fantastic feeling once you engraved your design knowing you also designed the artistic part of your work (I’m hoping you’ll realize it). Regarding the fear don’t be afraid. When I’m drawing a cow my nephew is barking like a dog. And then the fight starts! NO ITS A COW!

        As for my work I have not yet engraved or drawn on any spoon because I feel like destroying something nice. I would like to start drawing simple lines/symbols/trees because I have found some really fancy examples. One of my problems is that I like to “feel” lines. Working on a spoon or bowl is constantly feeling the wood and feel the lines I’m making. Drawing/Engraving has to be perfect in one try. Carving is making hundreds of lines to get one “perfect” line.

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