Valentines date… Wigging out! And making clothes for a doll

My hippo has a hot date for Valentines!  She needed to look her best and asked me to make her some sexy lingerie, and fix her hair.

I saw the problem almost immediately… She doesn’t have any hair.. only fuzzy pink fur.  I set upon making a wig for her.


The easiest part of the job was making the skull cap.  For this you need sturdy material, and pins.  Laying the material on the dolls head you then pin it in place and work around any obstacles like ears and what not.  Being that the material is flat, you will have to cut away material to make contours.  Make sure that you leave enough to overlap the material so it can be pinned, then eventually glued/sewn.

You will probably already have an idea of what you want the hair to look like when done.  Draw on the skull cap your ideas.

For this, I knew where the pig tails were going to be and the bangs.  I drew lines to reserve those areas, as well as a center line down the middle of her head.

I used a glue called Mend it.. it was made to do quick mends to clothing.  Likely this was a failed product, but i got it for less than a dollar.  I began by cutting lengths of yarn and then glueing them on about five strings at a time.

Cut the hair longer than you want it to be in the end, because you can always shorten it later.  Make sure you place the yarn in the direction it will end up laying when you finish and style the hair.  This glue worked very well, but I think you could likely use a thinned out white glue too.  To use the glue, you dab it onto the last quarter inch of hair and lay it down then hold it for about 3-5 seconds.


The hardest part sometimes imagining what it is going to look like in the end.  Once you have that image firmly set in your head you can get started.  I used a material that had a grid work on it.  This made it easier to get symmetry.  I used the same glue, and really all you do is fold the material and smooth out the wrinkles.  So the front and back of the bottoms were just triangles. I overlapped them and bonded them well then glued strings in with a little extra material covering the back of the string to ensure a better hold.  the top was simple cut outs glued to string.

I am not sure if i could have done anything fancier, but as I think about it, as long as I could see the end product in my head, i suppose i could make it.



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