Ball Jointed Doll Experiment

Free standing
Yippee, I’m alive
Time to lay back and rest

Here is my first experimental ball jointed doll.

Polymer Clay
Elastic Waistband stuff

The body and head are hollow (pinch pot style) then drilled into.  The head holds a large wad of epoxy which also holds the string firmly in place.

The epoxy secures the end pieces (arms.. tentacles?) and the string is run from arm to arm, and head down to feet.

Things I learned:
Some other type of elastic would be better, and something to really pinch and hold it while i puttied the end would be awesome (like plier clamps)

This project was a success in that it was completed and I learned a lot from it.

If anyone has advice… I would really like the help.  Thanks.


    • Thanks very much, I get into creative attacks and have to work and create and work some more. I have always wanted to get into ball jointed dolls, but they seem so complicated. So I wanted to make something that would build my confidence, and let me understand the dynamics of how the dolls work

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