Art Exchange – Polymer Penguin

This is a recreation of my egg penguin from time past.  Though as we all know, when we do something, it only gets better.  So here is the NEW NEW pengin (third time doing it)

Learned some tips and tricks.  It came out pretty well and I think I may just make these for an etsy shop.

Tape N Fluff asked me for a penguin, in exchange she is going to send me a suprise!

If you have ever heard of ATC (artist card trading) this feels kinda like that!

I think more people should trade stuff!  Ok Tape.. your turn!

UPDATE:  I should have posted that this little guy is on his way to his new home.  Tape N Fluff will be taking good care of him.  (Not sure how it became a him.. but it feels that way)

Penguin has landed safely at his forever home…  To be loved and cared for by a cute little boy!

penguins new home


  1. OMGosh he’s ADORABLE!! Love love love this little critter. I’ve never heard of ATC but I love trading crafts. 🙂 Now to figure out how to private message to trade addresses…

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