Polymer clay Ladybugs – Quickie Craft


Here is something that is fast, fun and easy to do.

Two colors of polymer clay, some wire, something to cut the wire, and a rounded end.

These are really simple.  First roll a ball of red, and then a ball of black.  If you look closely at the photos you will see that there is the black butt sticking out.  You will want to cut pieces off the black so it forms a point.  cut the red ball in half and then stick it onto either side of the black ball.  Another black ball forms the head, and then much smaller black balls go on the red wings.  You secure them in place by pressing them in with a rounded end of a pencil or something similar.

To get the feet and antennae you press the wire into the clay then top it with little black balls of clay.

Et voila!  Lady bugs

If you make some .. submit your photos!  Would love to see them!

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