Chibi Ahri in Resin

A girlfriend of mine (summoner name KrimsinRayne) is totally an awesome Ahri player from the game League of Legends.  She asked me to create a little clay figure of Ahri in Chibi.. cuz she said she would lub me 4evah.  So here I am attempting to do so.

The picture she picked was by a talented artist on Deviant art, and can be found HERE


So the first thing I found out was you can microwave paper, glue and paper towel.. but if you do it too long.. it will start to burn :O

The photo gallery will cover my progress

The reason I did this mad experiment was I was looking for a way to make some sort of a head armature without having to use a huge wad of clay that wouldn’t cook well.  This worked, was fun, and I DO love the smell of wood smoke…  – insane mad doctor laugh-

Note to self:  If I decide to do this sort of bulking again, mix in a decent amount of gorilla glue for binding purposes.

To dry the cement compound faster to make it workable, I used MORE FIRE.. (torch fired it)  –  If you ever decide to do this, please be careful, as hot bits pop off and explode.  I wore my GOOGLES to protect my eyes.

I found the cement-grout mixture to be very crumbly.  After some deliberation, I decided to coat the head with glue, and I am thinking I might make her out of resin rather than polymer, but im not sure yet.

Looks like that is going to take a LONG time to dry :/  (Incidentally, tried torch firing it to dry faster, however it bubbled and got more gooey.  Glad I didn’t try the microwave)

Took just over three hours for the glue to get to a point where i could touch it without it sticking to me.  It was still tacky.  I decided to go with Permastone.  You have to work really fast with this stuff, it dries in no time.  I might mess around with the formula a bit like slow drying glaze to see if it will give me a little more working time.  The nice thing about this stuff is that you can use it as thin or thick as you like.  Also, a little goes a long way.

UPDATE:  When you mix the Permastone with the slow drying acrylic medium (substituting it for water) it dries MUCH too slow.  It also comes out lumpy-ish.  But it will be very good as a finishing mixture perhaps


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