Pizza Dough

IMG_0254Some thoughts on pizza dough…

So the first thing to know.. IS.. GET NEW YEAST!  Yeah.. ok, I know that seems like something that should be obvious, but I don’t like buying it if I still have some!

Second…. Yeast at room temperature.  I know this doesn’t seem like a big step, but it is.  Here is a quick way to do it.  Get a small plate or little bowl, put water in it and microwave it for 2 minutes.  Dump the water, then dry well.  (I refrigerate my yeast like most people) then dump the yeast onto the plate and stir a few times occasionally.

Third… Put the dry stuff in the processor first… (which I normally do) but.. put in more liquid than you think you need, and keep blending it longer than you think you should.

When I say this, I mean – liquid will slop onto the sides, and there will still be bits of dough spinning around.  You want to keep blending until it starts coming together like playdough.  Play DOUGH?  REALLY?  I don’t have kids.. i probably shouldn’t admit to knowing how play dough looks in the blender .. 😀

ALSO = Don’t  toss out the leftover liquid stuff..  You can preheat the oven and when the liquid is super frothy again, you put your dough back in the oven.

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