Ahri Doll Update – Cement – Mulched Paper – Resin .. etc :D

Project continued from THIS POST

So here are some updated photos of the Ahri doll I have been working on.  The first is with arms and legs attached and painted.  The second is what she will be sitting on.  This process was interesting.  I knew I wanted her to be sitting on a crumbling brick wall, but I didn’t know how to do it.  I started out with an egg carton.  However it didn’t work out so well.  What I did was take paper and mulched it in a blender.  I had learned a while back about paper making.  Then I decided that I could probably use it for other things.  So I did it, but instead I formed it into little bricks.  I tried making mortar by using resin in between, but that didn’t work.  So I just went to simple white glue.  This worked pretty well.  Now her platform is done.  I have yet to make the eyes, wig her and dress her.  Polymer clay for the arms and legs.




    • What a difficult question… I am not so sure it would be more interesting with videos, it would be something completely different, I think. Images give more room for your own imagination around the dolls and characters.
      (Btw, we seem to have our time set differently, so it looks as if you asked before I had posted – or are you really telepatic? 😉 )

  1. She looks like a happy little person to me! I’m sure she likes the wall you made for her to sit on, and I think she will be sitting there, telling us lots and lots of stories that make us laugh.

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