Cold Porcelain Clay

I took a trip to Blick and bought myself some Creative Paperclay.  When I first started sculpting I used this stuff (or something similar) and found that it didn’t really work that well.  Since then I have seen a lot of people using it, so I decided to try again now that I have used lots of different materials.

That brand is ok.  I cant seem to get it really nice and smooth the way I wanted.  The picture on the package looks very smooth however.  That leads me to believe that there was a lot of sanding involved.

My real purpose for purchasing the store bought stuff was to see how it compared up to home made stuff.  I used the following recipe, originally found HERE.  Do go look, she has alternative recipes

2 cups of Corn Starch
2 cups of Elmer’s Glue or wood glue (should be white)
1 Tblsp of lemon juice (it acts as preservative) or 1 tsp of citric acid
2 Tblsp baby oil (you could use any oil be it mineral, cooking, baby or even Vaseline petroleum jelly will work)
1 Tblsp of white liquid tempera paint
1 Tblsp of cold cream, non greasy, without lanolin and silicone (Nivea or Ponds)

I modified this recipe because I did not like the working consistancy.  I used 2 and 2 of glue and corn starch.  After mixing it felt like there wasn’t enough liquid to evicerate the lumps.  So I added the lemon juice and mineral oil in equal amounts.  I kept adding the mineral oil and lemon juice until the entire recipe felt wet enough to be uniform (for the most part)

I did not use paint, but I may in the future.  I microwaved for 1 min, then in thirty second increments after that.  (My microwave is more powerful so I thought maybe doing it in one min intervals might not be so good.  Stir stir stir.  It looks like it’s getting wetter before it gets harder.  You will know it is ready to go to the next stage when it starts to feel starchy.  Instead of mixing like very heavy icing, it will break off when you pull the spoon out.  This is a good thing.

I then put the cold cream in my hands.  I didn’t knead it on board.  Every time my hands got very sticky i put more stuff on my hands.  (I can see why bakers need to be strong)  After a lot of kneading the stuff starts to get really nice and smooth.  Don’t stop kneading.  You will see little lumps still, so keep working on it for a while longer.  The more work you put in, the better it will be.. (apparently.. I wont know until i try to make something with it)

Now I put some cream in a bag, and put the dough in without any air.  Date the bag so you will know when it was made.  I used A LOT more cream than the recipe calls for (I think)  This stuff just absorbs it like really dry legs in the winter time.

I will update when I have made something made.

UPDATE:  – This stuff is exceptionally smooth.  Much more so than the store bought stuff.  I suspect there is to much oil product in the clay.  Comparative photos will be posted later today

FURTHER UPDATE: – This is like shaping thick thick glue.  If you use enough water, the outside is like slip.  It dries super smooth, but does take a little longer to dry.  If it still looks shiny that means it is a little wet still.  If you touch the surface you will leave prints and break the surface tension to leave a dent there.

LAST UPDATE: – When dried this substance feels like plastic.  😀 – Awesome.

LAST LAST UPDATE: – When you thin this recipe down to a paste like thickness, you can paint it on and it acts like TLS (Translucent Sculpey) without the baking.  It dries mostly translucent (with a little yellowish tinge to it) and fairly fast.  You can rewet it to spread it more evenly if the paintbrush left drips.  Smush it around with your fingers


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