Air Dry Clay – Head

I can finally stand for more than a few minutes at a time.

The first picture of a reshaping and reclaying of the Ahri doll that I had been working on

The green is far more interesting to me.

My air dry clay recipe has some interesting properties.  The first is if you try to paint it, it doesn’t go on evenly with a paintbrush (Or I haven’t discovered this yet, but an airbrush would solve that problem).  It has its own unique look though if you spread some paint on then sort of mix it into the below clay with water.

The green was made by kneading it into the clay.  For some reason this seems to stiffen the clay quite a bit, but also gives it a bit of added firmness.  With that, it seems also cracks.  This might also be because I used it rather thick.

A note about my paper mache forms.  When using air dry clay to cover a dried form, first cover the form with white glue or wood glue.  It needs something to stick to


  1. I take it that the green is homemade clay too right? That you tinted green? What did you use to tint it? I’ve been trying to figure out tinting clay, but I haven’t been able to get an even coloration.

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