Sewing Machine – From bane to bravo

First some back story.  I HATE MACHINE SEWING.. check that, I HATE SEWING.  Rather.. I used to hate sewing.  Every SINGLE time I used my machine, I would get an E6 error, or an E1.  I checked and double checked my threading, both top and bottom, and found that I was doing it correctly.

Now for the story.  Home ec, grade seven.  I was always an over achiever and got great marks UNTIL the dreaded sewing project.  I thought this was the worst thing to have to put a young woman through.. ever.  I went from the 90th percentile to just barely scraping by at a 54% for the course.  This traumatized me for life.  It was even a simple bermuda shorts, with simple pockets and a stretch waist band.  I can’t even find a picture on the internet to explain how terrible they turned out.

I own a Brother CS 6000i.  No matter what I would do though, I couldn’t get the machine to work for me.  =BREAKTHOUGH=  Today, I discovered what i was doing wrong.  Apparently my tension setting was too low.  I had it always at the reccomended setting, but I suppose it was not enough.  It should have been because the material is just pillow case stuff.  After turning it up to four…. NO ERRORS..

I feel like having a party because of this!

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