Crafty Girl Eating Stuff

I have not posted here for a little bit, but I assure you I will be getting back to it.  I have been taken up with some body care.  When I say body care, I mean losing weight.  If you are curious you can follow my adventure and loss on my other site:  Crafty Girl Eating.
I started a second because I felt that it would be strange and distasteful to start blogging food stuff on a craft site.

In OTHER news I have signed up for a course at LillStreet.  This is a really great place, sort of like an artists commune.  They work on a not for profit premise.. or at least, a ‘not for very much’  but they have an incredible array of artists who work there full time.  There are lots of different artists doing lots of different things, but the one I chose is the Articulated Doll Making course.


I am thinking that I might better figure out joints, or at least the most efficient way to do them.  Along the line of dolls, I wanted to report that I saw the movie The Great and Powerful Oz, (it was great .. just saying) but had a doll that was amazing.  She was the China Girl.  When her arms or legs moved it made the sound of bisque moving on bisque.  (Incidentally they are selling them at walmarts and the like, in a hard plastic model)

I will update on how the course goes, and get back down to the shop soon.  However, this diet is pretty exciting, the first week has left me 11 lbs lighter!

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