Disturbing Dolls

First off these dolls are amazing as far as the twisted imagination that went into them.

The creator of these dolls is Karl Duche.   There are MANY MANY more photos on his facebook.  Check out the galleries.

These dolls push boundaries  and I found myself strangely attracted and repulsed by them.  Wanting to own them, and never wanting to see one again.  In the end, what Karl really did was created a feeling.

They are sexualized in a way that is disturbing, and lascivious.  I love them.  In the first doll, there is something about the bloody tongue poking out, about all the boundaries that have been broken.  You can imagine the life of that doll, what it has seen and done.  I don’t think that about most dolls.

On another note, I hope you will all forgive the xrated nature of this post, as well as having made comments needing to be authorized because of wordpress spam

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