Runes and Readings

I was working on a project for my girlfriend in Wales when I came upon an idea.  Runes.  I was looking for something she would like a lot.

This book is something I looked up without knowing exactly what I was looking for.  It is perfect for her.  Now because I have my cool little microwave kiln, I can complete this project.

I will add some photos soon.  However the system of tellstones is very simple.  It is only ten runes in rough cube shapes.  The way you read them is by telling the story that most feels right to you.

I also saw something else I liked and they were called ‘binding runes’.  Here and Here are some examples of what I am talking about.

Binding runes are interesting because they are supposed to focus the intent of the person who made/gave/etc the rune to the recipient.  They are generally based on ancient alphabets.

I had an idea for binding runes, which was to make the rune out of clay, but as a vessel.  The person who was giving the rune would then write a word on a slip of paper and put it inside the rune and seal it with wax, thus focusing the rune further.  The word could be a name, a phrase, a hope, a wish etc.

I will post some photos once I get this up and running.  I am going to learn rune reading, to see what further I can glean from this.  Wish me luck.

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