Crafting once more.

A long hard winter deserves a fantastic break.

To celebrate, the will to craft is upon me.  So back to ball jointed dolls, runes, paper clay, metal clay, polymer clay, and all manner of marvelous things.

The big thing, the first BIG step is breaking through your FEAR.  I think I may have mentioned something like this before.  Fear of failure is with all of us.  Sometimes it is debilitating so that we don’t even start a project.  That project stays stuck in our heads and never sees the light of day.  Or maybe you never have this problem.  I, however, do.

So I am just going to start and the consequences be damned.  If my doll doesn’t turn out how I hoped, then it is a practice run.


I will post some primary photos of what im working on soon and update this.

In the meantime, here are some videos I have been finding inspirational.

Getting started with BJDs – her whole series is worth looking into

Tutorial – An in depth beginning to BJD

Resources – Lots of material here to work with

More Resources – At the bottom is Ryo Yoshida’s tutorial

Ryo Yoshida’s tutorial – no pictures but useful information

Paper Clay – I would like to remind everyone that it isn’t difficult to make your own strong paper clay (in a microwave no less)

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