Cold Porcelain Clay

I made up a batch of air dry clay from a different recipe.  (four ingredients basically)

The batch came up sort of sticky, but it could be because I used a lot of lotion in my last batch and this was basically just mineral oil.

The thing i love about this glue clay is you can wet it and get a really wonderful slippery smooth texture, and squish it all around in your hands.  Sort of like slip from ceramic clay.

I wanted to see how well it would do on a balloon as a shape and it did fairly well.  The thing I didn’t anticipate was that the clay has a very high shrinkage.  I don’t remember my last batch doing that so much, and perhaps it had something to do with lotion versus mineral oil again.

Lastly, using that recipe, I would like to say that not all glue is the same.  I used Elmers, but i was sort of watery.  When I was mixing up the batch, it was still the consistency of thick glue when I got to the 1 to 1 ratio.  So i kept adding more corn starch until i got the right mix.  Also when you are microwaving it, I think you would be ok going in 30 second time chunks in the beginning, then going shorter and shorter.

Pictures to come of covered balloons and the like.

EDIT – Apr 11 – This recipe as is has a high shrinkage rate.

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