Polymer Clay vs Air Dry warning

I have been making doll parts for some time now, experimenting and playing with the stuff.

Last night I went to start refining and making the holes and such for some of the dolls I have been working on.  In some cases I mixed clays.  Polymer vs cold porcelain air dry (home made)

I was surprised to see how BRITTLE polymer clay is.  So here is a warning:

Don’t use Polymer Clay as your doll clay

When I say Polymer clay, I mean all of it, including the Living Doll brand.

If you are worried about air dry clay, be assured I have never felt another stronger clay except fired ceramic.  This includes home made cold porcelain (4 ingredient stuff – glue, cornstarch, vinegar, mineral oil and a little hand lotion)

If you aren’t up to making your own, you can get basic air dry clay at any art store and it is still cheaper than polymer.

Just experiment with it if you still have your doubts.  (I had mine)

For an experiment, try making two shapes, relatively alike, in both clays, then cut them with a craft knife, or drill through with a hole drill, sand, etc.

I had never gotten this far before and realize now.  Polymer clay has its uses, but not in a spot that is going to be moving, or stressed.

EDIT:  I forgot to mention that Polymer can be used on top of Air Dry without problem.  But not in places that are going to take stress or abuse.  Use only as decorative.


    • It is nice to know I was missed 😀
      Sometimes i think I am a plant… when the weather gets warmer, my creative juice starts flowing… orrr… I could just be a sap!

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