Experiments in media

First the dog and pony show …

Now for the information bits.

Sculpey Firm – This stuff is HARRRRRD!  It is almost unworkable.  I thought that if I added softener to it, it would become just like regular Sculpey.  I didn’t want to do that.  So I made a compromise.  I added Super Sculpey into Sculpey Firm (about 2 to 1 firm to super).  I kept kneading it by putting it through the pasta machine over and over.  It is REALLY crumbly for a long time, but it eventually begins to stick together.  Finally when it has you can move onto the next part.  Covering your forms.

So the foam form has to be rough.  The floral foam .. otherwise it has nothing to grab onto.  If you try to add TLS to the other foam it will just slide around. The stuff is still crumbly, but it will form together.  I didn’t think i was going to be able to get new clay to stick onto the stuff i already had on, but it went on without too much trouble.  A little more blending work.

I have to say though.  Firm really is good.  It doesn’t take your fingerprints that much, and you can really grab hold of it without worrying that you are going to think it out.  You can finger smooth it and it comes to a nice sheen.  (see the photos above)

Also in that group of stuff you will see white pieces with cracks in them.  That is my experiment with air dry clay.  That was the recipe that was glue/mineral oil/cornstarch/vinegar/ and some squirts of hand lotion.  The stuff REALLY shrinks.  Not at all like my first recipe.  I will do a separate post on that, but basically if you want a really nice clay, you should use at least half of the mineral oil as hand lotion.  My original recipe was all hand lotion.  There was almost no shrinkage.  (see some of the other white heads in the collection of stuff)

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