I have been so productive the past couple of days.  Lemme tell ya!

First I have been making my art space ready for another season of work.  I really left the space a mess last season, mostly due to lack of concentration.  Nearing the end of last season I was torn by so many different projects that I ended up really doing very little on any one of them.

I may be getting a table saw soon too.  If I do, that means I will redesign my space specifically with sculpting and doll making in mind.  One of the things that is going to help a great deal will be having a spot where I can stick drying pieces RIGHT ON the work space, just in case I need to do touch ups as it is drying.  (Who can resist playing with a creation when they see it taking shape)

I also want to have/make a turntable sort of thing which is easily enough made.  A home made lazy susan.  Another Idea I have is to make sure I have a lot of  holes through the top work space so that i can use/make home made bolt clamps to secure my work as I am working on it

My work space will also have a lot of storage (because I seem to hoard art supplies, … oooooorr potential art supplies… like turkey breast bones which I have boiled and bleached, figuring they will work … somewhere….)  These cabinets should be pull out (standard home made, not roller balls) with clear fronts.

All my small tool holders will have to be moved to my main sculpting areas, whereas all my larger hand tools (skillsawz, drills, hacksaws, recip etc etc can be moved further away to a wall that I do not need to access as much.

I am now thinking though that peg board is going to be a lot more practical than the heavy folding doors I have been using.

Another huge change I am thinking about is to make the two storage rooms one.  I don’t think that can actually be done though, due to the fact that sewage pipes run through the wall I would like to knock down.

One heck of a big chore I think I must undertake is to balance the heavy sinks in the unit.  They do not drain properly the way they are.  I may be able to simply place shims, but I am not sure.  It will be a big job as the wash basins are about a hundred years old and made of a cement type material mixed with resin.

I would also like to figure out a way to incorporate my plastic pull out bins because they are handy and cheap. (as well as colorful)


So onto my work today.  I had to air dry/cold porcelain clays which I felt I was going to have to throw out.  One of them was store bought and over a year old.  It was the Creative Paperclay brand.  I had thought that it was dried out, but to my surprise, with the plastic only folded over, it was still good.  The other was a clay I made.  It was a little too gooey, and had a heavy shrink rate.  (For the record, this recipe was an experiment, and I didn’t use much hand lotion, replacing all oils with just mineral oil).  The texture on Creative Paper Clay is pretty grainy and I didn’t like that much, but the combination of the two look good so far.  We will see how it goes after it dries a little

The next thing is that I boiled down most of my old paper-pulp for the core of dolls.  The stuff dries rock hard and can be sanded just like any pressed paper product.  After boiling it down to break it apart, I am leaving it soak overnight and will be forming it up tomorrow a little.  (I will have to be careful because I added a little bleach to mix that it will soak in)

Takeing up a few pieces that I did last year I started reworking them.  Cold porcelain really does dry bone solid, but I still have some Sculpey firm to put to the test.

I had taken a piece of  dried paper pulp that was essentially a long tube and sanded it with a rasp into something that resembled an arrow, then covered it with clay.  Once that dries I can cut it apart and scoop out the paper stuff.  If the arrow thing works out then that will be great because it is really easy to do!

Using the same method I shaped something like a chibi head.  I do not know on which doll I might put it on, but I like the overall shape of it.

I will include photos tomorrow

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