how to make your own clayboard

This is a wonderful Article I want to check back to in the future

Jim Yarbrough's Artblog

several years ago, at an art supply promotional activity at our local art supply store, i was given, among other things, several ampersand clayboard panels.

they sat unused in my studio for a couple of years, but i wanted to do some miniature painting in egg tempera, and i took one of these panels and cut it down to a 4×5 inch size (it was something like 8×10).

as soon as i started laying in the egg tempera on the little clayboard panel, i thought – what a lovely surface – and really enjoyed working on it.  i think these panels must be a delightful support to work on for many different media, egg tempera in particular, and i recommend them highly.

while i was still in the process of doing this little painting, i got out the label that came with my clayboard, and read the ingredients and the…

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