I am honored to have been nominated to the Very Inspiring Blogger Award AND the Best Moment Award

I didn’t know there were awards and the like for blogs.  It is pretty neat to have been picked though.  Thank you Gunilla Redelius for nominating me for my first award.  She has her own blog on jewelry making, but more than that, the life and thoughts of a jewelry maker.  I do not know who nominated me for the Best Moment award and so cannot provide a link back to them.  😦



1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State seven things about yourself.
4. Nominate fifteen other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

7 Things About Me:

My birthday was four days ago, and for my birthday, my back stopped hurting from an accident I had a week earlier. (Accident my foot!  I lifted something very heavy and slipped on some ice, already knowing I shouldn’t have been doing that!)  The absence of pain is bliss! – I spent the day creating strange little creatures in my shop.

My doggie is the most awesome dog in the entire world!!!!!!!!(just like yours  😀 )  Her name is a double entendre – Schaefer.  Both a beer, and french-ish .. Chez fur!  – It’s FUR!

I love beautiful things.. like.. REALLY love them.. because I want to distort everything about them.  I want to take beauty, and see how far you can stretch it and still keep it interesting.  What is the line between beauty and horror?  Or are they the same, just to a different audience?

Skype is the best communication system in the world.  I used to use ICQ, (and still have a six digit number) but when skype came out.. well it rocked all the socks.  (I have a hearing loss in one ear, and so wearing a headset to talk is really great for me, as well as just texting)

I love to make things.  All of the things!  Make my own clay, make my own recipes, make my own dog biscuits, make my own shop furniture, make my own future..

 My green thumb is normally kind of a brownish black color… A plant will not find a good home with me.. EXCEPT……..  I have an Ivy plant.. it is very happy.  The reason?  I put it on a saucer, then turned a fish bowl over top of it trapping the moisture in.

Last but not least, I always thought I wanted to live somewhere warm all year round.  This is a lie.. I only discovered in the last five years or so.. that i would miss the snow terribly.  There were a few years where it only snowed here a couple times, and that lasted a few days.  It was dreary and I was kinda unhappy about it.  If there was no cold weather, and no snow.. what would there be to complain about?

Nominations:  (In no particular order)

 1.   Morbid Doll House – This site has things to my taste.  The weird and creepy, and the atypical.  Doll and figure sculptures.

2.   Mad Wife in the Attic  –  This artist has a great name, AND does really great work with dolls, and painting.

3.  The Surgeons Apprentice  –  This lady is someone to follow.  She is making a documentary, and comes up with really interesting stories about pre anesthetic medicine

4.  Kookizu  –  Lots of really cute little figures here that look like they are made of plastic.  In fact they are sculpted, but done so well they look it.

 5.  Mclancey  –  Another sculptor of cute/strange/interesting figures.

6.  Denise Bledsoe  –  Another maker of super unique dolls, figures and sculpts that I peek in at from time to time.

7.  Origine du Monstre  –  A talented worker of leather and other materials to make what looks like armor and steampunk attire.

8.  Maijakivi  –  Following the progress of this artist as they make a Ball Jointed Doll

9.  Bulbasaur eyes  –  Crafter and doll maker.  Watching as they progress from drawings to artwork.  Very pretty.

10.  Tape and Fluff  –  I really like this lady.  She makes lots of different things, and we have exchanged some crafts through the mail.

11.  The Freefolk  –  Making her first doll to completion.  I do like it very much and keep watch to see what she will come up with next.

12.  Spectrum Woman  –  The eyes on these dolls make you want to keep looking into them.  Unique art dolls.

13. The Majestic Thorn  –  I really like the artwork from this person.  The drawings and the dolls are all very unusual and unique.  They have a suaveness to them.

14.  Mealy Monsterland  –  These colorful characters are sort of like the guys i created near when I started in polymer clay.  Only these progressed so much further.

15.  Dollmakers Dream  –  A super useful resource, with free GOOD tutorials for beginner doll makers

16.  Attempting Aloha  –  Almost forgot one of my all time favorites.  Not only can she sew and cook, but she has all sorts of power tools!  Now that is a girl I can really get behind!  Had to make an extra spot just for herra spot just for her.

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