Stories and Writing

I have had an idea for some time now.  I read a lot of stuff on my Kindle, and online.  I also like writing.

A lot of genre writing sounds the same to me, and I feel like there aren’t a lot of original voices.  I regularly go through GoodReads and look for new and interesting stuff.  An author I have always liked was Anne Bishop since I read her Black Jeweled series.  After the first three books though, there isn’t much that I wanted to read.

I want to create a world in writing that is post apocalypse, but not nuclear.  It should be nuanced, character driven, have sexual and sexually twisted situations, and be gritty.  Everything from social vignettes to the banks, and the socio economic structure need to be worked into the framework.

My plan is to just write a bunch of vignettes about this world until something comes of it.

Basic Structure

The main story should be 3 or 4 generations into the future.  Anywhere between 50 to 100 years into the future.  Though flipping back and forth from how it came about to create an understanding of how people got to where they are now, and why they think the way they do, as well as what their motivations for it is.

The bankers own most of the world at this point and are in a power struggle with the biggest food producers (ie monsanto)

Some sort of highly viral outbreak had taken place and decimated a good portion of the worlds population.  I am thinking that it was highly contagious, (over 90 percent contagion rate) but only fifty percent of those who contracted it died.  The best estimates for the world population are around 2 billion.  Like any virus it would have wiped out anyone with weaker immune systems, the elderly, the compromised.

I will add to this outline as more information becomes clear

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