New Clay Recipe – Tissue Clay

I made the clay recipe as per my last post.

Here are the results.

Making it:  This clay is NOT finicky!  I am very pleased with this clay.  It doesn’t really stick to your fingers when you are using it and the clean up is easy.  Very easy to make as far as ingredients.  Put everything in the bowl except flour.  Put the flour in last and keep adding until you have the right consistancy (like you would pancake batter)

Equipment:  This clay is much too heavy or thick for your normal egg beater.  Most of the mixing will have to be done by hand.

Cold porcelain clay is difficult to make because of the cooking time, and you have to know what you are looking for.

I really like the texture of this stuff though.

Shrinkage:  Will update when I know more.  I set several pieces to dry tonight.  We will see how much it does or doesn’t shrink

Strength:  Will update when I have more information


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